ADRA Collection | 6 Purest Staples & Accessories
ADRA Collection | 6 Purest Staples & Accessories
ADRA Collection | 6 Purest Staples & Accessories
ADRA Collection | 6 Purest Staples & Accessories
ADRA Collection | 6 Purest Staples & Accessories
ADRA Collection | 6 Purest Staples & Accessories
ADRA Collection | 6 Purest Staples & Accessories
ADRA Collection | 6 Purest Staples & Accessories
ADRA Collection | 6 Purest Staples & Accessories
ADRA Collection | 6 Purest Staples & Accessories

Adra 'the purest'

Back Bar Collection

100% pure, single-ingredient, preservative-free ancient beauty staples

Set up for 1 treatment room

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Entire collection of Katari ingredients and handmade accessories for one treatment room.

  • 32 oz Argil - Atlas Mountains Green Clay Facial Masque - for cleansing, deep pore and blackhead cleansing and exfoliation; comes in coarse or fine powder - please let us know what you prefer; fine powder is best for facials and coarse for body wraps
  • 8 fl oz Roseau - vapor distilled rose water toning mist to shrink pores, fragrantly refresh skin during treatment
  • 8 fl oz Geran - vapor distilled geranium water hydrating mist to calm down and balance red and irritated skin
  • 4 fl oz Hoba - hypoallergenic and naturally pH-neutral cold-pressed jojoba oil to cleanse and condition skin, remove makeup and aid in lymphatic drainage massage
  • 1 fl oz Barie - loaded with complex Vitamin E and Vitamin K, cold-pressed prickly pear cactus seed oil is a nature's answer to BOTOX and replacement of collagen, naturally! 
  • 4 oz Barie Powder - exfoliating, collagen-boosting prickly pear cactus seed powder
  • Handmade Accessories for mixing and application of facials:
    • Handmade clay mixing bowl (or pick glass bowl instead)
    • Application brush (nylon bristles)
    • Mixing Olive Wood Spatula
    • Measuring Olive Wood Spoon
    • Sea Sponge (sample) - for individual use only / not to be sanitized

What's Adra Collection

Timeless beauty of Adra

Uncover the natural simplicity of 5 ancient ingredients in Adra Collection.

What's in your Adra backbar collection

HOBA (jojoba) moisturizer

One Ingredient: 100% Pure Cold-Pressed Hypoallergenic Jojoba Oil

Hypoallergenic and naturally pH-neutral Hoba or jojoba oil has been a steady beauty staple in Europe for a long time. Using Vitamin E rich Hoba, a carrier oil to cleanse skin before treatments and to nourish it with Vitamin E and K and other micro-elements (if other oils are added to Hoba) will keep skin clear and radiant.

  • mix with 3 parts rose water for perfect skin cleansing or scalp massage
  • add a drop of essential oil during a massage
  • perfect choice for most sensitive skin types 
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One Ingredient: 100% Mediterranean Green Clay

If you had to keep one extremely hardworking ingredient in your facial room, Argil will win every time. This clay is deeply cleansing and exfoliating, drawing out impurities and extra sebum, improving blood circulation and helping with regenerating new, healthy skin cells, and balancing out acne-prone and dry skin alike.

  • naturally hypo-allergenic and pH-neutral / anti-bacterial
  • great to use as pre-cleanser before dermaplaning
  • in facial great to use before extractions (blackheads, whiteheads)
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One Ingredient: 100% Cold-Pressed Prickly Pear Cactus Seed Oil

Prickly pear cactus seed oil is the only oil and single ingredient known to cosmetologists to actually help rebuild and replace collagen. Rich in all Vitamin E compounds, it helps plumb skin and regenerate skin to maintain youthful and fresh complexion.

  • boosts collagen production - great serum as last step of any facial
  • helps with fine wrinkles and hyperpigmentation
  • helps heal skin and fade away scars
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Collagen-Boosting Prickly Pear Powder & Mask Add-on

Game-changing exfoliating Barie Powder or Poudre de Barie generously shares richness of the most coveted by cosmetologists collagen-boosting, prickly pear seed oil naturally rich in Vitamin E and complex skin rejuvenating Omega fatty acids and tocopherols. Barie Powder is for radiantly smooth, fresh, and glowing skin.

  • mix a pinch with an oil (carrier Hoba or serum-like Rosehip) for easy exfoliation
  • add 1 part to Argil green clay for a collagen-boosting facial masque
  • do not over-exfoliate or use after peels, etc.
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One Ingredient: 100% Vapor-Distilled Mediterranean Toning Rose Hydrosol

Roseau [ro-zo] is for fragrantly toned and beautiful skin. The rose toner is not just an ancient anti-aging beauty staple, but it is incredible to set makeup, refresh skin any time, shrink pores, lift and tone skin. It has light decadent scent with fresh essence of rose petals distilled to perfection. No added fragrance, no preservatives - just pure essence of rose with retained rose essential oil for extra anti-aging and healing power.

  • great for acneic skin and skin prone to rosacea
  • helps heal broken capillaries and improves complexion
  • mixed with 1 part Hoba oil makes a wonderful toning skin cleanser
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One Ingredient: 100% Vapor-Distilled Skin Hydrating Geranium Hydrosol

Geranium flower water or Geran [zhe-run] is way underrated for what it does for skin. Naturally anti-inflammatory and anti-bacterial, it is a gentle natural ingredient that can help with skin dryness, redness, inflammation and even with some cellulite puckering or to heal broken cappilaries.

  • use after waxing or dermaplaning to cool down skin
  • soothing for irritated, inflamed or hormonal skin
  • mixed with Argil green clay & applied as body wrap helps improve look of cellulite by boosting circulation
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Handmade Accessories