Exfoliating Vit. E Powder

Poudre de Barie | Collagen-Boosting Prickly Pear Powder & Mask Add-on
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When we make Barie oil, about 50% of oil stays in the seed after cold-pressing. So, we collected the pressed core and made the most decadent exfoliating collagen-boosting and moisturizing add-on to our Argil Green Clay masque.⁠⠀
🌵So, it is single-ingredient, it is pretty much Barie in powdery, exfoliating form. It does not smell and has texture of coffee grounds when added to the clay masque. It also adds tons of moisture and helps remove those dead skin cells even better.⁠⠀
🌵Why not use it by itself then, if it is so cool? Well, Argil green clay and Barie powder have a simbiotic relationship. Barie powder mixed with water is very hard to apply to skin. Clay mixed in with it provides the necessary texture. And Barie provides a punch of anti-aging and collagen-boosting properties.⁠⠀

Poudre de Barie or Barie Powder is packaged in handmade beautiful clear glass jar with cork. We are working on outside container but you will receive instructions on how to use. And the best product to use it with is Argil Green Clay. 

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