[AR-ZHEEL] - Mediterranean Green Clay Facial Masque
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What is Argil?

When it comes to natural ways to clear skin and get rid of breakouts, adult or teenage acne, this green clay will surprise you. If you are tired of expensive and complex, there are easy ways to get rid of breakouts and easy diy acne treatments with Argil. This is why Argil is a superior choice for home made acne treatment:

1. Acne proliferates in environment that is not pH neutral. Cleansing skin with a pH-neutral, (7.24) Argil tonic or masque will stop bacteria growth

2. Trying to dry out acne with alcohol-based recipes or recipes that strip natural oils will lead to more oil production; and therefore, to more breakouts. Argil does not strip natural oils, yet it draws out excess oils, which is exactly what you need with acne-prone, oily skin.

3. To get rid of acne naturally without harsh chemicals that might affect your hormones or other systems, choose a product that is harmless and not systemic. Argil does not absorb into blood stream (which makes it not systemic). It only adsorbs (pulls) toxins, excess oils and impurities to the surface.

If you had to keep one extremely hardworking ingredient in your facial room, Argil will win every time. It is absolutely perfect at deeply cleansing and exfoliating skin, drawing out impurities and extra sebum, improving blood circulation and helping with regenerating new, healthy skin cells, and balancing out acne-prone and dry skin alike.

And, it has no rivals at removing blackheads! As a bonus, it is pH-neutral and hypoallergenic naturally, which means it goes smoothly on any skin and does not sting, EVER.

Argil green clay works well on all skin types. Read more on our Argil page. Nothing needs to be added except for warm water and the easiest is to use it for 5-7 minutes under steam while in the shower, rinsing it off last and following up with a moisturizer (Hoba is perfect for it).

Argil can be used as often as needed. If redness occurs, it is a normal (though rare) reaction and means that Argil is doing its job by improving blood circulation and pulling blood to the surface. It is NOT an allergic reaction.

Read a lot more about Argil in our Library and download MSDS information.

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