Q & A


Domestic Shipping

Your first order will always ship for free. Consider you are getting 10% off.

We will charge actual shipping cost on all subsequent orders and use the most economical, yet fastest method to get your products delivered to you. We work with all domestic carriers and compare their rates to make sure you pay the least amount possible for shipping of your products.

International Shipping

Yes we can! We ship to 70 countries and are ready to ship to the countries of EU, Canada and more.

How quickly do I receive my order?

We made a deliberate choice to keep all our functions in-house - from sourcing of raw ingredients, to making of our bottles to packaging and customer service. We maintain complete knowledge and are involved in our products from seeds to bottle to your shelf; this way we can assure quality at ALL times.

To keep our operations efficient and to compete with companies who outsourced most, if not all of their operating functions to 3rd party providers, we ship all orders twice a week. This allows us to provide a completely boutique experience, package your order with a lot of thought, always add gifts to complement your selection and ALWAYS maintain VIP customer service level.

Some things are best delivered in the slower but more meaningful way.

And if you need your product delivered sooner, just let us know. We will do it all to assure you are happy!

How do we package?

We like to "underpackage". We use as little packaging as reasonably possible. We also up-cycle every scrap of paper, bubble wrap and carton we receive from our suppliers. We use it all when we ship our products out. And you can continue re-using our used packaging to keep the cycle of up-cycling going. :)


Free & Ease — for any reason

We stand behind our products and will take them back in any shape in the highly unlikely event if you are not satisfied. FOR ANY REASON.

Just tell us why so we learn and get better next time. :)

Min order

No Min Order Required

We believe that you will buy more when you can sell more when you have confidence in our product. Starting slow and small is a great idea. And when you need more product, we are here to help. There is no need to overbuild inventory and hurt your budget.

We do recommend to buy multiples of product so that it looks its best on the shelf. Customers shy away from taking the last item of anything, so having 4-6 products of each kind makes the line look complete.

Another tip we learned from merchandising experts - to rotate your inventory (and our products) on your display. Changing location, updating selection, and creating a flow of products creates a great buying energy for your customers AND sells more!

Split Cases

Do not need an entire 6 or 12 pack of products?

Simply use our 'sample' button and select the quantity - 1 +. This will load as many or as few items as you need. And any time you have a question or cannot find what you need, please reach out to us and we will help! There is a good chance we did not see it coming and did not anticipate your need correctly. We will do it all to make sure you get what you need.

Special & custom orders

Can we make something unique just for you?

You bet. This is the beauty of Katari Beauty.

We can create any type of kits, sets, variations of products and collections for any holidays and events.

Since we work with all of our artisans directly, we have a lot of ingredients that we do not sell or advertise in addition to our main collection. There is a very high likelihood we have a lot more than what you see in our catalogue. Just ask!


Are we really plastic-free?

Our new collection (coming out soon) is 100% plastic-free and all handmade and sustainable.

Our current packaging (mostly glass) does have plastic caps, pumps and sprayers.

For your backbar needs, we might keep some of our old packaging for the convenience of use in the treatment room. HOWEVER, we will advocate for using ALL our products in the way ancient beauties used them, without any plastic involved.

We will eventually phase out ALL plastic from our packaging altogether and replace with our handmade glass, that is not only stunning, eco-friendly, lab grade but it also helps dozes of glass artisans in the Mediterranean. Just read the story of Ali and Lamyaa.


YES! It is all about training!

If you are not obsessed with our products, it is hard to make your customers fall in love, right?

Let us know - if we can come to visit and train on your site, we will. If you need a call, you got it. If you like to read - head over to our Library page and you can fully geek-out on the plethora of knowledge about all ingredients.

We are flexible and we want to make sure it is not just pretty packaging on your shelf, but a HERO product flying off the shelf.

We know that all our customers absolutely rave about how well all Katari products work and we take pride in developing and maintaining relationships to assure that YOU and YOUR customers learn as much and appreciate our ancient beauty discovery process.