We are the 'Indiana Jones' of beauty

Katari Concept

1 Product = 1 Powerful Fresh Ingredient




There are oils & there are Katari oils...

The only grade in quality is 'the best'. This is why we travel and source every ingredient ourselves. As some of our customers say, "there are oils and there are Katari oils". That sums it up. When you have quality ingredients, they deliver results. Naturally.

Why choose Katari?

Do you want to know where you products come from? Do they sit in ocean containers for months? Do they come from depleted soils and have no minerals left? Who made them or picked them and how? We know it all, because we work with all our artisans directly. There is nothing better than being able to tell you the story of every single ingredient. And this story you can tell to your customers - and share videos and photos from the fields. Transparency is pretty awesome!

Hand blown glass packaging

Did you know there is plastic mixed into commercial glass? That makes this glass impossible to recycle. We make our own glass bottles. Hand blown glass does not add much cost but makes it more special and give jobs to dozens of glass makers.

Up-cycled bio-degradable packaging

Our boxes, tape and paper are bio-degradable and recyclable. We up-cycle and re-use every scrap of paper, bubble wrap that come through our warehouse. 

We do our best to minimize amount of packaging in each shipment. 

Unrivaled, ancient, single-ingredient staples

Our collection has just 10 ingredients we hand picked. Each is natural, fresh, universal, versatile and effective. Each ingredient is deeply rooted and prized for its benefits for hundreds and thousands of years.

Supply chain build on relationships & lots of tea

We travel and work with all our artisans. And we also travel just to sit down and have tea with them, bring some gifts and to re-connect and explore their country together. And because doing business over email is just not the same.

From an LA Celebrity Esthetician

What Marcia Has to Say

We are very lucky to be working with the best professionals in beauty, celebrity estheticians, boutique owners, who have their own skincare lines, who have PH.Ds in Chemistry, estheticians of the year and many spa owners who truly understand and appreciate the quality of products Katari delivers.

Video by Marcia, Owner of Transcendence Spa, Los Angeles

Katari Story

Years ago as a teenager, I traveled throughout the Mediterranean doing translation work and fell in love with the hospitality of its people and the simplicity of their ancient beauty rituals. 

Now, I travel there to work with the artisans, so that we can preserve their ancient crafts, create sustainable living for their families, and share with the world the beauty they create. 

And to bring our complex world closer together... 

~ Kate | mom, immigrant, believer that we can all make this world more beautiful & connected