Jojoba Oil

Hoba [HO-BUH] -100% Pure Cold-Pressed Hypoallergenic Jojoba Oil
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Hoba [ho-buh] - 100% EURO Organic Jojoba Plant Wax (aka jojoba oil)

Hoba or jojoba oil has been a steady beauty staple in Europe for a long time. Why? It is simple, it is hypoallergenic, it does not clog pores (is non comedogenic) and it works on ANY skin, body and hair type. 

Using Hoba, which is a carrier oil as your natural makeup cleanser is a perfect way to keep your skin healthy and smooth. And for acne-prone skin, Hoba is an incredible natural oil cleanser to help normalize skin oil production.

When I say Katari Hoba | the purest jojoba oil has no comparison, your only way to believe it is to try it. 

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