Oil-Based Perfume


Amour d'ete

a blend of organic essential oils to turn heads and convert you to wearing a scent again because it is so subtle and so goooooood!


100% pure, organic essential oils distilled from plants grown in Provence, France. No alcohol, no dyes, no artificial fragrance.

Amour d'ete
With notes of rose, orange flower, musk, jasmine, lily of the valley and an exotic blend of few other purest essential oils from Provence, France, we welcome you to experience the warmth of the scent that we named 'Amatevi' or 'love one another' in ancient Sicilian.

We worked with the best perfumers in Grasse (world's capital of perfumes) and are so excited to share these exquisite scents with you. Each bottle will last you a very long time - probably a year. 

We are finalizing boxes (you can see the images) that would be re-usable as little jewelry boxes and we should be able to start shipping in early December, just in time for holidays. 

SAMPLES ARE AVAILABLE NOW and they come in 6 ml / 0.2 fl oz handblown glass bottles with cork and will also last your forever. 


Huile de parfume

Amatevi means ‘love one another’ in ancient Sicilian. The scent of Amatevi – pure, warm, and a little nostalgic will take you to the place of peace, love and feel good.

Our perfume oil is a blend of 100% pure Provence (France) grown essential oils. There is no alcohol, dyes, or preservatives - only the magic of notes of rose, jasmine, lily of the valley, or orange flower changing throughout the day and turning heads as you walk.

We are still working on the boxes and some final details, but we welcome you to pre-order now and each wholesale order will receive a free sample so that you can fall in love sooner. Our handmade bottles (pictured) will be ready by the end of the year for you and your customers to enjoy Amatevi.

Amour d'ete Notes

  • Top Notes

fleur d'oranger, orange

  • Heart Notes

jasmine & rose

  • Base Notes

notes boisees, musc blanc (plant-based)

Making of the perfume

We went to Grasse, France (world capital of perfumes) to work with master perfumers and to create our signature scent - an alcohol-free fragrance from the purest, organic essential oils from the plants lovingly grown in Provence.

Elodie and Justine see photo below (with Kate) are the perfumers in Grasse. We were very fortunate to find them and despite of my very bad command of French and their limited English, the magic of scents made it possible for us to create two scents in one short week. 

I always had an idea how Katari perfume should smell like. Not too fresh, not too sweet, not too musky. I wanted something that will turn heads and will make people ask 'what are you wearing?' when they smell this scent. And for the scent to dissolve into a gentle cloud of Mediterranean summer and a feeling of falling in love for the first time. I am definitely in love. Hope you will love it too!

Behind the Scenes

From France

Watch this video and share with the world!

Using & Storage

  • Do not store your perfume oils in the bathroom - store it in the bedroom away from direct sunlight.

  • Perfume oils made from organic essential oils mature just like wine does. Enjoy exploring the scent as it develops.

  • Apply a tiny bit of oil (it is very concentrated) and smell it after about 60 seconds, giving the scent and your skin chemistry to connect.

  • Enjoy how top, heart and base notes of the scent develop throughout the 8-10 hours of daily wear.

Customer Reviews

This product is very new, but we have quite a few people waiting for it after having tried the samples. And we are obsessed with it!

Please share your thoughts and your love!


Before the launch - samples time!

We are not quite done with the final packaging, but here is our little boss filling samples for you to try!

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