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  • Cleansing & exfoliating farm-raised sea sponge
  • Removing makeup with a sea sponge
  • Makeup residue on the sea sponge
  • Cleansing & exfoliating farm-raised sea sponge and accessories
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Sea Sponge

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Measuring 2.5" - 3.0" in diameter, this silky smooth natural sponge is an outstanding accessory for exfoliating, applying masques and cleansing skin.

Storage & handling

We do not sanitize our sponges. A simple good rinse is good enough. However, this means, you cannot re-use the same sponge on different clients. Giving the sponge that was part of the treatment to your client though, will be a wonderful gift!


Sponges are sustainably grown in the Atlantic Ocean and come from Tarpon Springs, FL, USA.


When traveling, instead of a brush to apply masques, try using a dry silk sea sponge. It is also amazing to cleanse skin. And when it is thoroughly wet, it feels silky soft and smooth. This is how it got its name, 'silky'.