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  • Handthrown Clay Mixing Bowl out of Black Clay
  • Handthrown Clay Mixing Bowl out of Black Clay - top view
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Clay Bowl

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This small bowl measures about 3-4" in the longest part and is about 1.5" deep. It is perfectly sized for creating a facial and not wasting ingredients. It fits well into your hand and feels like you are breathing Mediterranean air and sitting right next to the amazing ladies who made it.

Each bowl is unique, small blemishes and cracks are not a defect, but are typical of this style of pottery, that uses an ancient, UNESCO-protected craft of creating light-weight, almost porous clay accessories. 

Storage & handling

Handle this bowl with care. As all pottery, it can shatter. Please wash it (hand wash) after every use and dry it too. 

This clay bowl is wonderful to mix recipes and store your prepared mixture in the warming cabby during the treatment to keep it warm before you use it.


Ingredients: yes, it is important to talk about ingredients even in an accessory. Why? Because everything in nature 'reacts' given a chance. So do even best ingredients. They can oxidize when in contact with metals or materials that can throw off pH-balance of the ingredient. 

Katari mixing bowls are made out of absolutely neutral and non-reactive EDIBLE black clay. Each is made by hand. It takes well over an hour to make each and single little bowl. After they are made, they are painted with black clay and then dipped into a resin from a tree that helps this bowl to be water resistant. Then the bowl is fired in low temperature fire. 


Here is a tip on how to mix Katari Argil Masque using our handmade accessories. Hope you enjoy and share this experience with others who appreciate the natural beauty and simplicity of handmade.