Glowing Skin Kit

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Give your skin that Katari glow - along with the tantalizing, delicious smell of our natural, free-radical fighting pomegranate oil, the strong antioxidant properties naturally balance skin pH and repair environmental damage; couple with Roseau 100% pure rose water toner and exfoliating and collagen boosting Barie powder and that youthful, radiant, clear skin will awaken the glow within!

Download printable PDF with instructions on how to use this kit. 

The kit comes with the following products, gifts and accessories - packaged in black linen bag to last you a lifetime, with a glass straw to use as oil dipper for mixing Granate oil with Barie powder in your hand and the following products:

Granate - pomegranate seed oil - 15 ml | 0.5 fl oz
Roseau - rose water toner - 30 ml | 1 fl oz
Poudre de Barie - prickly pear cactus seed exfoliating powder - 30 g | 1 oz

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