Dry Scalp, Dandruff, and Hair Issues

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Henna Oil - Katari 100% cold-pressed henna oil will nourish and moisturize both hair and scalp while promoting growth the natural way. Henna oil can enhance the color of red and brunette hair, keep hair pigment in and slow down greying, smooth out broken and split ends and prevent dandruff with its antifungal properties...use it on over-plucked brows and stressed out eyelashes, and any residual oil is a fabulous face, hand and cuticle moisturizer

Argil (green clay)- use Agril as a hair and scalp mask before washing; it will cleanse the hair of styling products, open the pores of the scalp to promote growth and restore hair to a healthy state; or add a spoon of Argil to your shampoo every few washings for a DIY hair clarifying mask

Black Castor Oil - this ancient oil is naturally rich and viscous in texture and is a miracle for thick and textured hair - mix a few drops with henna and use it for styling

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