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Jojoba, Castor and Henna Oils to protect, nourish, and enhance hair follicles strength & growth
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This trio comes in a black linen makeup bag with a hand blown oil dipper straw and olive wood (handcarved) oil applicator. This kit will last you a while and can become your new fave for brows, lashes, dry scalp, dandruff and all things hair. Renowned for highly moisturizing and protective benefits Hoba, Henna and Castor oils can be used separately or in various super easy combinations to give your hair follicles a natural boost.

Download printable PDF with instructions on how to use this kit.

Hoba Oil - 100% pure cold-pressed jojoba plan wax - use daily to remove makeup and mascara and to prime skin before makeup application, condition hair after shampoo (a few drops will suffice) | 30 ml

Henna Oil - 100% pure cold-pressed henna oil - as needed apply to scalp after shampoo to relieve dry, itchy scalp, dandruff issues and help promote healthy hair growth. Henna oil is perfect as lash and brow serum! | 15 ml

Castor - 100% pure cold-pressed black castor oil - daily for 30-60 days and as needed, apply to brows and lash line (avoid eyes), massaging into hair and scalp. | 15 ml

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