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Since 2010 we have been scouting the Mediterranean for the best kept beauty secrets and ingredients. We do not use preservatives or plastic. And we work with all our artisans directly, so that we can tell you exactly how each ingredient and accessory came to life.

We have everything you might need to support you - training, instructions, samples, videos, photos for your social media. Just ask! We would love to be your sustainable beauty partner and amplify what YOU do!

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Hand blown glass, cork for freshness, preservative-free ancient staples!

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5 Beauty Staples + HANDMADE TOOLS

The tester kit you will receive will be our best-selling products that are also the best introduction to Katari. Once you fall in love with these ingredients, you can always explore more!

  • Roseau - a decadent vapor-distilled artisanal rose water to shrink pores, reduce rosacea and smooth fine lines

  • Argil - Katari proprietary hypoallergenic, pH-neutral facial green clay to clear skin from acne, blemishes, and blackheads

  • Barie Powder - a collagen-boosting, Vit. E rich exfoliant and clay masque add-on ground up from the richest in anti-aging properties prickly pear cactus seeds

  • Hoba - an indispensable cleansing and moisturizing hypoallergenic & pH-neutral jojoba oil

  • Geran - anti-bacterial, skin stress and redness reducing, vapor-distilled geranium flower water

Your kit will have the tools and accessories you might need to discover and fall in love with simplicity of Katari Beauty.

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Watch this video from Michelle, owner of Beauty Organix, a natural beauty store in NY and learn why she carries and how she sells Katari Beauty products. And we have dozens more reviews to brag about Katari! :)

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  • We have instruction cards, videos, photos, and anything else you might need for your brick and mortar or online store! Every product page on this site has downloadable assets.

  • We can make things uniquely for you! This is the beauty of making everything - we can do it all!