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We work with hundreds of spas, med spas, brow & lash boutiques, natural beauty and wellness stores, online beauty stores, hotels, salons, apothecaries, refilleries around the world. We would love to be your partner and help you share single-ingredient, proven by countless generations, hand-crafted ancient Mediterranean beauty staples with your customers.

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Here are just a few reviews from our retailers! 

Best Makeup Remover

This product is so luxurious, the complete attention to detail in every aspect is what makes this brand stand out. We use the products ourselves, and they have been an easy sell for our customers. One customer told me her esthetician was amazed and wanted to know what she was using! We have decided to become a refill station, and couldn't be happier!

The Disco Dolls Studio | Florida @thediscodolls

Best Makeup Remover

Hoba or Jojoba oil from Katari makes the best makeup remover! And it is hypoallergenic and great for sensitive skin too!


I have placed a few orders through Katari and these products FLY off the shelves in my shop! So much so that I decided to do a refill station, and I am so glad I did! Not only on my own skin seen and felt results but I have customers who have tried everything and finally now with their Katari oils feel at peace with their skin. Thank you Kate for this beautiful product you so passionately share with us! It's a blessing to us all here on Kauai!

Salt and Light kauai | Hawaii @saltandlightkauai

Wonderful products, beautiful packaging & excellent customer service

Our customers love these products! Beautiful oils & wonderful packaging! Our customers love the Look of the oils in the glass Apothecary bottles as well as the olive wood spoons, picks & glass mixing bowls. Very thoughtful products. Excellent customer service & fast shipping too!

Jana | Washington | Gather - Home Decor

My new favorite product line!

I am so happy to have found this product line. I have been using my products to try them out before offering them to my clients. I am in love! From the way the products are packaged, to the hand made glass bottles, to the oil itself, nothing has been overlooked! This is a wonderful, high quality product line that I am proud to offer my clients. Thank you!

iStar Microblading | California @istarmicroblading

One video Like this is worth a thousand reviews!

Watch this video from Michelle, owner of Beauty Organix, a natural beauty store in NY and learn why she carries and how she sells Katari Beauty products.

Hand blown glass, cork for freshness, preservative-free ancient staples!



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6 products from 2 collections


This kit contains products from our collections to give you the most complete, yet not overwhelming experience with Katari Beauty. Each kit will have enough product for many days worth of applications and treatments and enough to see results.

  • 3 luxury cold-pressed oils for skin and hair in 15 ml hand blown glass bottles with cork:
  • Vit. A rich, brightening and age-defying Rosehip Oil
  • indespensible cleansing and moisturizing hypoallergenic and pH-neutral Hoba (jojoba oil)
  • hair follicle moisturizing, and protecting Henna Oil
  • Katari proprietary hypoallergenic, pH-neutral facial green clay hand-picked from our quarry in the Atlas Mountains of Tunisia
  • Barie Powder - a collagen-boosting, Vit. E rich exfoliant and masque add-on from prickly pear cactus seeds
  • A decadent vapor-distilled, artisanal rose water toner, Roseau

We added hand blown glass mixing bowl, an olive wood spatula, and a brush to mix and apply all recipes you can make using this product collection. All kits come with product instruction cards and collection cards, explaining benefits and uses for each of the products.
Incorporating Katari Beauty to your current services and treatments is EASY and we are always just one call or text away! If you need help with any selections, please let us know!


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6 luxury cold-pressed oils


Six luxury cold-pressed oils - Black Seed, Black Castor, Henna, Jojoba, Rosehip and Pomegranate Seed - each boasting incredible natural benefits for hair (lashes and brows too) and skin await you in this kit. Each oil comes in a 15 ml hand blown glass bottle sealed with cork. Extra cork is added to make sure you have enough. If you are an esthetician, lash or brow artist and a hair professional, you might be surprised (in a good way) of how versatile and effective our oils are. Quality, freshness and natural beauty of each of the single-ingredient oils will wow your customers too! This kit comes with a hand blown glass straw (pipette) and a hand-carved olivewood oil applicator (to use instead of a disposable applicator) for applying Henna and / or Black Castor Oil to lash line and brows.


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5 products from Adra Collection


ADRA means the 'purest' - it is our first collection of products and a perfect introduction to Katari for anyone, literally anyone, even humans with most sensitive skin. Two decadent flower waters - rose and geranium to tone and hydrate, a perfecly hard-working and obssessively effective jojoba oil (the best on the market), a rare primordial green clay and a Vitamin E rich collagen-boosting prickly pear cactus seed powder are part of this kit. It comes with handmade accessories you might need to keep the pH of the ingredients and to create a truly luxurious ancient beauty ritual.

  • Rose and Geranium flower waters come in 30 ml frosted glass bottle with plastic spray for the ease of application.
  • Hoba (jojoba) oil comes in 15 ml hand blown glass with cork and will have plenty of oil for a few weeks of daily testing and enjoying.
  • Argil Green Clay and Barie Powder come in 15 g hand blown clear glass jars with cork (very cute re-usable jars).


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6 handmade ingredient-neutral

multi-use beauty tools

We are not promising to make an impact with more sustainable options. We made them. Plastic-free, ingredient-neutral, artisanal, and obviously sustainable! How is for some 'green' options for your refill store, spa, yoga studio, cafe, wellness, or natural beauty store. In addition to being beautiful and functional works of art, all our accessories are hand-crafted by artisans we directly support in the Mediterranean. This makes a very short and very transparent supply chain, of which we are very proud.

Each kit will have the following hand-crafted accessories:

  • Frosted hand blown glass mixing bowl
  • Frosted hand blown glass drinking straw / pipette
  • Sustainable, hand-carved olivewood measuring spoon
  • Sustainable, hand-carved olivewood mixing (or application) spatula
  • Sustainable, hand-carved olivewood pigment or oil applicator
  • Farm-raised Atlantic 'silky soft' sponge

You can feel safe using our products

You can eat these products. Not that you will, but these are pure, preservative-free, single-ingredient products that are naturally very stable, do not go rancid, and are a great clean and simple introduction to clean beauty done right. You can feel good about offering our products to your customers and help us make a bigger difference in the world!

Here are some extra tips how to order after you tried Katari!

  • Order directly on our wholesale site:
  • Call, text or email Kerri Repta, your Katari beauty guru and educator with 20+ years experience in clean beauty - | 519.852.0149
  • We alsways try to spoil you by sending gifts and samples as much as we can
  • We have instruction cards, videos, photos, and anything else you might need for your brick and mortar or online store! Just ask!
  • We do not have minimum order quantities, packs or amounts. Buy only what you need!

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