Try It All Tester Kit | 6 Products & 3 Tools
Try It All Tester Kit | 6 Products & 3 Tools

Try It All Tester Kit | 6 Products & 3 Tools

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100% pure, heat resistant hand blown artisanal glass

Try Katari on your skin first!

A combination of our oils, timeless elemental staples and handmade accessories to give you a flavor for Katari Beauty products: 

3 Luxury cold-pressed oils from our Lotus Collection:
  • Henna Oil - moisturizing and anti-dandruff oil for hair & brows rehab / growth
  • Hoba Oil - jojoba oil primer, cleanser & moisturizer
  • Rosehip Oil -brightening, anti-aging Vit. A oil (retinol alternative)

Adra (Elemental Mediterranean Beauty Staples Collection):

  • Roseau - decadent vapor-distilled rose water toner with pH-balancing properties
  • Barie Exfoliating Vit. E rich, collagen-boosting powder milled from prickly pear cactus seeds
  • Argil Green Clay Masque - naturally pH-neutral and hypoallergenic skin toning, pore refining, acne-fighting masque

Handmade Sustainable Accessories:

  • Hand blown glass mixing bowl
  • Hand carved olive wood mixing spatula (can use to apply wax or masques)
  • Application brush (not handmade)

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    6 Products from 2 Collections + handmade tools

    This kit contains products from our collections to give you the most complete, yet not overwhelming experience with Katari Beauty. Each kit will have enough product for many days worth of applications and treatments and enough to see results.

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    'Try it all' tester kit review

    Here is a kit to try the best of both worlds - some of our elemental 'purest' ADRA collection and some of our high-performing cold-pressed oils from LOTUS collection coupled with accessories you need.

    Try it all on your skin before offering Katari products to your customers. All bottles are jars are refillable and reusable, as well as your accessories. Yay to sustainable beauty! All kits come with product instruction cards.