Katari Sample All Tester Kit | 6 Products & 2 Tools

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Try Katari on your skin first!

A combination of our oils, timeless elemental staples and handmade accessories to give you a flavor for Katari Beauty products: 

3 Luxury cold-pressed oils from Lotus Collection:

  • Henna Oil - for hair & brows
  • Hoba Oil - jojoba oil primer, cleanser & moisturizer
  • Rosehip Oil -brightening Vit. A oil

Adra (Elemental Mediterranean Beauty Staples Collection):

  • Roseau - decadent rose water toner - vapor-distilled rose water
  • Barie Exfoliating Vit. E Powder from prickly pear cactus seeds
  • Argil Green Clay Masque - naturally pH-neutral and hypoallergenic 

Handmade Sustainable Accessories:

  • Glass mixing bowl
  • Olive wood mixing spatula
  • Application brush (not handmade)


This is a tester, not for resale. Please order one per account. 
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